Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shoot Through It

Last Winter I had photographer's seasonal depression. There was NO light, grey days, and tons of snow. I was house bound and rarely found inspiration to grab my camera. When I did pull it out I FOR SURE wasn't going to waste my precious film.


This year my approach is totally different. Knowing shooting film makes me happiest, I am using it to boost my spirits throughout these cold months and enjoying the challenge of the low light. Our temps have been uncharacteristically mild though. I may sing a different tune in the event of a temperature drop.

Recently we were invited to a cabin on a nearby lake. The day was foggy and cold. The light nonexistent. So I just did what I could and I'm happy with the results. The fog sort of adds a cool blur or layer, I think.

All shot on Kodak BW400CN with a Nikon F100. Not sure what happened at the lab, but the sepia tones here are pretty nutty.

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