Thursday, January 26, 2012

A is for...

I am HORRID at keeping up with projects. HORRID. I often find when faced at the end of the day with the choice of vegging out or editing that photo for that thing the choice makes itself.

So anyway I'm doing this project called Film26 ... I know! I know! But listen: I found last year that I really prefer shooting film over digital for so many reasons. Maybe I'll come back to that later, but for now let's just say the major reason I fell out of love with digital was post processing. Primarily it's time consuming but also I couldn't photoshop to save my life. I leave all of my film shots straight out of camera and that really works for me. So when I saw the Film26 project, which encourages members to shoot a photo based on a letter of the alphabet every two weeks, that seemed both fun and attainable to me.

I'm hoping that by completing this project I can really improve on my narrow skill set. I do find that there is a wide gap in the quality of my film and digital images. I think I depend on the lcd screen truthfully. I shoot, look, change settings, reshoot, look, recompose, and then post the best image. Obviously there is not that luxury with film. Here's to tough love and getting it right the first time!

These are the images I chose for A {some of them have popped up in previous posts} :

A is for Arbre

A is for Airplane

A is for Abandoned

A is for Accident

A is for {the lovely} Amanda

These were all shot on a Nikon F100 using Kodak BW400CN.

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