Saturday, January 28, 2012

B Is For

 B is for Badass Biker Bell on a Branch with Bokeh
{It's a Gremlin Bell}

B is for Bow on a Branch that held a Balloon

B is for Barely

B is for Buried

B is for Be Mine

B is for Bike 
{On a pole for whatever reason}

B is for Betta

B is for Bouquet

Taken for the Film26 project using a Nikon F100 on Portra 400 film, except for the bouquet which was taken using a Canon AE-1 on Kodak Gold 400. 


  1. I love that we get to see all your extras here!

  2. Wow, your B photos are amazing. How could you choose they are all so great. Love seeing the extras. Thanks for playing along at FILM26 :)